Good morning everyone,

This is my first post of the year and I am very excited to be able to share this general reading about the energies of 2017.

As you have already heard, this is a global year ‘1’ which means that we start a cycle of 9 years. As you have already guessed, Universal year ‘1’ means that we are beginning new projects. I am sure you can already feel the shift from the last month of 2016 in which we felt incredibly rushed to complete projects.

Now is time to set up the stage for the next nine years. Connect with your true feelings and decide where you want to go from here.

Now, let me share with you a little pre-view of the year. I completed this reading during the New Years Ceremony Event on Friday, December 30th 2016.


The first card refers to archetypal energies that will be very predominant in the New Year. There is always a Light and Shadow attribute to each archetype. What is interesting is that it shows the AVENGER. My first feeling is polarity at its best. On one hand, we have people that feel in their hearts that they want to do things right, that need to see justice in the world we live in and will take all steps necessary to do the right thing for the world and themselves. This is a huge wave and actually, we will see a lot more happening in that respect. We will see things moving along more than in previous years. On the other hand, we need to be aware of the shadow attribute of this archetypal energy that is very active in 2017. This is resorting to violence in the name of a cause. This is something that radical groups do…it is possible that out of frustration we will see groups that continue to resort to violent acts, in order to make justice for themselves or others in their community.  This is a lesson for humanity. If we focus on balancing the scales of justice in a harmonious way, we will move forward as a consciousness.

There is a warning that comes in the form of a trickster. Things are not what they seem. Do not listen to what others say, or report…just listen to your own wisdom.  The message is not to take everything at face value because what seems bad may in fact be good or vice versa.

We are encouraged to step out of the mold and see the humor in the situations ahead. The more aware you are of what goes on, the more humorous you will find the situation in our world. Starting from elections to the structures of our society…being aware and open allows you to see the trickster at play. This is a very refined and subtle energy that pulls into a specific direction.

The deeper meaning of the energy of the trickster invites you to see yourself on a different light, to step out of old routines and habits that may be keeping you stagnant.

One of the tools that we’ve been given is humility, to be grounded in everyday experience. Taking your attention away from your goal takes you into a state of receptivity and in turn it releases attachment to a certain outcome.

When you engage in everyday tasks in a meditative, contemplative way, you clear your energy to receive your answers to bring you closer to what you seek. Focus on the small steps and savour every moment.

We are encouraged to listen and perceive the sounds and vibrations in our life. The fact that there is an elephant showing up in our reading is no coincidence as we worked with Lord Ganesha in our New Year’s Ceremony. He is the remover of obstacles. What I hear is that there will be obstacles and that the guidance to move along requires listening. Do not only listen to what is being said, the message is not always obvious.

It requires that you listen not with your ears but with your heart, that way you will find clarity. You will have better understanding of your circumstances.

Finally, there is material harvest and abundance. This is the energy of 2017, if you focus on luck…you will attract it. There is so much you have done to get here…you are to collect the fruits of many years of work.  It is interesting but I hear from Spirit that if we listen, we are going to be shown how to manifest into matter. Everything starts in the ethers. Every spark starts in the ethers. Whatever essence is transferred into the matter. This concept is very interesting and will have more opportunities to explore with you.

All I say is that when it comes to manifesting in your reality, start in the etheric and then you will create it in this reality. How amazing is that?

Wishing you a New Year 2017 full of love, joy and expansiveness in every area of your life.

Much love to all!


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