Happy October everyone!

October’s energies are a lot more relaxed and it will feel that things are slowing down. It will feel that way until October 16th and then life will get busy again.

I am shown that the most important task for us to achieve the first two weeks is ‘balance’. Go within to examine where exactly is the imbalance. Some of us will feel the need to detox, sleep more, exercise or practice more selfcare. Others will notice the imbalanOCTOBER ENERGIESce is more related to the way they spend their days and if they have enough fun time scheduled. Maybe it is related to finances… For some reason romance plays an important part here and we are encouraged to seek romance in our lives.

Part of the imbalance is related to the need to honor our masculine & feminine self. Action and receptivity as each part is just as important for our wellbeing. The first two weeks of October represent a Yin Cycle in which most of the action seems to happen under the surface of things. Be patient with the timing of things. This is a time of great receptivity, intuition and gestation. The intention here is Being more than Doing. That does not mean that you are to sit and do nothing…it is not about being passive. It is about being receptive and planning rather than executing.

On the other hand, the last two weeks of October will represent a Yang cycle and the predominant energy will be that of action and outgoing energy. Life is going to get very hectic and the great news is that life will be very productive so be wise and keep the excellent work regarding balance.

It is a wonderful time for creativity and new beginnings. Do not block this tremendous flow of creativity as it truly needs to be expressed. Our dreams are going to intensify and you will remember more and more information and details of the realms you visit in your dreamtime.
Projects that were pending for a while are successfully completed and you will feel very accomplished and happy. What a relief!

More details about the energies will be shared each week as usual. Meanwhile…keep shining!

Much love,


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