Live Oracle – Eight of Swords

“I encounter so many obstacles that I am stuck, unable to move forward. My mind takes over and I can’t stop worrying. There are many reasons to remain in this dark place where fear to uncertainty reigns. My mind tells me that change is dangerous and I listen. Live Oracle Speaks eight of cupsI choose to look the other way and place a veil over my eyes…as I don’t want to see the reality of my own life. Change is scary. I prefer to remain in this prison of my own making than venture out into the world. I am not happy…and I know that I can shift my life if I change my thoughts. I realize this is the way to free myself right here and now…there is a powerful force within me that guides me to take action… I take my blindfold off and I experience a new reality. My mind is no longer in control. I think constructively and positively. Life has a whole new color for me!”

– Live Oracle by Bluealchemy.



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