Let the Rebirth Begin!

Beautiful Woman With Candle In Medieval Dress On The Foggy Road

Releasing stored emotions is vital to let more light in

As we approach the end of the month…we reflect on the things that are no longer in resonance with our hearts. This is no effortless process, but it is necessary to move forward in truth and purpose.

Perhaps you are feeling that your stored emotions are resurfacing. If that is the case, this is a chance to heal the past.  Pour out your heart and express how you truly feel. It is ok to cry. Just surrender and let it all go.  If you are feeling sad because of a perceived loss…know that what you lose will be returned to you in a new way or form. The wheels of life keep turning because life is never still. There is no end without a new beginning. Halloween symbolizes death…transformation and rebirth.

As the veil between the worlds is thinning …you can see beyond the veil of illusion. Take this time to reflect on the qualities of love and wisdom within you. Stand your ground regarding an issue or person…stand within your own truth…if something does not feel right…then it is not right! Trust your intuition and your gut feeling on this one. Be true to yourself and always in alignment with your own values.

Spirit is showing the importance of clearing stored feelings and connecting to your inner truth to remain strong and well anchored in your light. Are you afraid of being yourself? Do you feel that you don’t belong where you are? It is time to love yourself and create a new sense of safety within. Say no to the pain of the past and let it go…release it now.  Say no to those that want to dim your light to make themselves brighter. Choose a new you!

Fantasy Forest At Night

November 4th is the next full moon

You have all the support from Spirit to start all over. Something better awaits …but remember that to have what you really want, you must match its vibrational energy and resonate with it. Sometimes our greatest hurts or disappointments are our biggest lessons to awaken us in shifting to a higher frequency. Embrace this path of transformation with the eyes of innocence …as the world reflects its magic back at you. All is well.

With the next full moon on November 4th…. welcome a renewed authentic you …let the rebirth begin!



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