Are you manifesting negativity in your life?

This is a complex subject but I feel we need to get the conversation started, and get things moving towards our goals.


I have noticed a pattern repeating itself with many of my clients. It has to do with manifesting the things that we don’t want, or that we fear. I was guilty of that.

For many years I became a subject expert at how to make my life a mess, and drag myself down in the process.  I am referring to manifesting negativity and unhappiness. It all ended the day I became aware of my part in this big tapestry of life.

How do you know that you are manifesting a reality that does not match your truth and purpose?

The answer lies in your feelings…how do you feel? Do you feel empowered? Are you happy?  If the answer is ‘no’, there is no question that you are not in the flow and are struggling to keep afloat.

The root problem is not outside of you. As long as you continue to blame an outside force either physical ,or Spiritual to justify the things that you are experiencing, you will remain in denial and therefore continue to manifest negative experiences.

 Take responsibility for your own actions!

Change starts with awareness and responsibility. The wheels of reality change the moment you realize your part in creating your life. Life no longer happens to you…you make it happen!

beautiful sorceress woman double exposure portrait

You Manifest Negativity in your life if:

  • You act and think like a Victim: Victims are experts in finding excuses. They tend to use everything that does not work as a weapon to get sympathy from others. Try to help somebody in this vibration and you will soon realize that all they want is your sympathy, and are not really ready to change, or take charge of their lives.Victims feed on drama, and complain about it at the same time. If you are thinking and acting like a victim …know that you are spinning the wheel again and again, getting the same result.  You can decide NOW that you want a different life by reclaiming your power. Take back what is yours!
  • Surround yourself with negative people: Negativity feeds on negativity and before you know it…you will be thinking and acting negatively too. Negative people usually tend to spend a fair amount of their time complaining and criticizing the imperfections of the world. Their glass is definitely half empty.  The end result for you is that more and more negative experiences will happen to match your negative outlook. It is Universal Law!
  • Think that you are not good enough. When we are hard on ourselves and think that we don’t deserve success and abundance…we block the flow. Thinking that we are not worthy of success, or achieving happiness taints any progress, no matter how hard we try.  We send a signal to the Universe, and the Universe in turn  always match your vibration. Then end result is that people and situations will proof you right in the form of not being appreciated or respected.
  • Think about the past and cannot forgive yourself or others.  Forgiveness allow us to free ourselves from the weight that we have been carrying, and that keep us stuck in the past. We cannot change the past , but we can take action by letting that pain go. Release it now and be present in this moment. That is the path to freedom.
  • Remain stuck in poverty consciousness.  No matter how hard we try …if we believe that life is hard and we see ourselves as poor…we will unconsciously remain broke by choosing low paying jobs, and over expending.  It is amazing how great of a job we do in stopping the flow of abundance when we are on the powerful lack mindset. Some of these beliefs are inherited from generation to generation and can be tricky to break. If you are aware of this…know that it is possible to shift the energy to that of abundance.
  • Procrastinate, or never take action. Never taking action and sabotaging every attempt to make a change. No matter how great your ideas are… if your do not take action, you cannot achieve your goals. If the steps needed are not taken…change cannot occur, and you will remain exactly as you are. Plan and execute!
  • Tend to follow others and find it very hard to say ‘no’. Followers are easily manipulated by others as they lack personal power and confidence. If you don’t stand on your own truth, and reclaim your power it is possible that you may end up living a life that does not reflect your own values. Even worst, you will end up very unfulfilled and sad. Take charge today by following your own guidance!

These are just some examples to get your thinking and hopefully realize that manifestation is basically the result of our own input of energy.

For now, start reflecting on how you can shift this energy to generate a more fulfilling and happy end result. I would love to hear about your experiences!

Wishing you power and light on your path!



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