Happy December everyone!

Wow! I can hardly believe that this is the last month of 2017. As we enjoy a beautiful Moonlight here in Michigan, I decided that this is the perfect time to write my last energy update of the year.

This is the month to make sure that whatever you started this year…is set to go for 2018. What I mean is that next year is going to be absolutely fabulous for those that did their homework during 2017. I am talking about following their deepest desires, and trusting themselves to start something aligned with the heart. Whatever it was…it is underway!

Take time to look back to the beginning of 2017 and how far you’ve come. Can you see all the accomplishments? Do you remember your doubts? There were not guarantees but you took the chance and by doing so…you change your fate. Just like that…everything changed!

Now you are required to follow through, and keep listening to your wisdom by taking all the necessary steps to progress on your project. Whatever it is, still requires a lot of work and commitment. Take time to plan ahead. Be concise and realistic. Above all, be imaginative and visualize all the amazing things that you will accomplish while having unlimited fun. Does it sound like a good plan?

Energetically, we have already moved to the new year. I know this sounds very weird but that is exactly what Spirit is showing me. In fact, it happened a little while ago. To be exact ,the shift took place right after Halloween.

Spirit showed me that the current cycle ended and that we were moving from the old to the new. Time of transition and releasing what no longer serves a purpose. We are moving from a year “1” to “2”. I was also shown the infinity symbol and how we are always in constant movement. If you are able to understand and master change…then you are already manifesting a new reality.

This is a time of taking the leap and going for it. Enjoy the excitement of beginning a new adventure, and ending a situation that kept your imprisoned. Is it foolish? perhaps for some, but not the ones that did it before you. Those are the people that smile and nod in agreement…knowing that the path of joy is also the one that initially has the most resistance not only from you but others.  In time, they will see the blessing, besides…you will be too busy making yourself happy anyway.  Is it selfish? It is necessary.

You know this is right because your intuitive vision is sharp. You know is the right path because you can also feel in your heart. You are wise and sensitive. Trust yourself.

Turquoise energy is leading the way and suggests protection during this transition. It also integrates healing to achieve balance. It is recommended that you work with this stone, or carry it as it will help you align with balance and harmony. It will also free you from restrictive thoughts, and negative energies that may hold you back.

Choose compassion over criticism. Do not judge others and understand that each person learns at a different speed, and have different needs. Be compassionate with those that chose the path of hardship to learn or experience a soul lesson. It does not need to be that way. Turquoise is liberating and freed us from suffering linked to growth.  If you intend to change that, you can. Now we can link to joy instead, and we are learning the same lesson. Be compassionate with those that still choose hardship. It is their path and as much as we see the potentials, it is not up to us. Love them anyway!

I am shown the year 2009. Spirit wants me to look at this year as a reference point to understand cycles. I am totally confused as I do not understand what this means, and why it relates to this message. Then I remember that 2009 was a year of transitions for me.

I actually moved from one State to another. Changed jobs…rented our home, bought a new home …and decided to enroll in college. LOL…I guess energetically there was a lot of movement that year. Well…numerologically 2009 and 2018 are year “2′.  We are counting a 9 year cycle.

I am now curious about the meaning of this cycle, and why we are counting 9 years from 2009.  This is because 11 is a mystical number that means Spiritual progression .

In a few weeks I will share my new year 2018 overview that will offer a more in depth information about the energies of the year “2” 2018.

For now…just reflect on your personal cycle and see how 2009 was significant in your life and how it relates to you today. Please do share as I would love to hear from you.

Love and brilliance!



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