Welcome 2018! The year of Balanced Action.

Blue glowing hub in space with particlesHappy New Year Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that the new year brings you much love and magic. I am so excited about this post as there is so much I would like to share.

If you had done your homework, you will feel that life flows and that you are manifesting pretty rapidly. It is no coincidence.

If you recall my Halloween message, I mentioned that 2018 energies entered right then. Many felt the pull of this new energy and started working more diligently in the direction of their dreams. 2018 pushes you to be autentic and genuine. There is no time to fool around remaining ‘busy’ with things that don’t resonate with your heart.   We are pulled in many directions at once…and feel more than ever the polarities at play. It is black or white…good or bad. High or low…right or wrong…healthy or sick…happy or sad… yin or yang…positive or negative…light or dark…and the list goes on …with this polarity comes judgment.  Are we good are judgging ourselves and others? totally, we are great doing that. The more we do it, the more we separate and divide each other. One of the biggest challenges for us on this year ‘2’ is to get out of judgement. Simply, because we honor each other’s journeys and part on this big tapestry of life. When we judge others, we are really assuming that we know better. That in itself denotes arrogance. In this Free Will Universe…we respect everyone’s journey.  It is different if the actions of this person affects your journey and then, you should stand up for yourself, and break that cycle.

It took me a few days to start as I came down with the flu…which is a very interesting way to end 2017 and start 2018. I had a forced rest due to feeling sick and I did not like it. I had lots of work to do and I was booked up…what now? After the initial upset, I realize that this is part of the year ‘2’ polarity. If I was to complain and be upset instead of understanding the reason why i need this break ,and the good opportunities it brings…I would have probably extended my sickness by another week because of simple resistance.

2018 is not a year of resisting the flow. If you resit it…it will knock you down. As a year ‘2’ of polarities. We will witness so and it will be at times…quite painful to see that all you need to do is align with the flow instead of fighting it.

Many people had A ROCKY end of 2017, with arguments and people leaving their lives. I viewed this a a very positive way to clear the path to 2018. Entering the victim mode will bring you the same lesson again and again. Imagine clearly what is that you want to see in 2018…because that is what you will get. You see…there is no black or white only. although for some…the choice will be just one or the other. Due to their limited perception of reality. When you are open to ‘integration’ you open to the color spectrum in its totality. We are not focusing on grays…but of the full color spectrum not only that we can see but also sense.  If we integrate each little part and balance it with our flow…what would happen?

To start doing this…let’s get out of judgment. I know how frustrating is to encounter people that don’t get it. People in power that are not fit to make important decisions. We get it, and it is tough to be a sensitive, and to perceive what is going on. Sometimes you feel that you belong in another galaxy because this place is just plain weird. right?

The point is to understand your role. I channeled a message a couple of days ago that mentioned a collective paralysis and our responsibility in helping people break their ‘spell’ by shinning our light. Being of service takes a whole new level from now on…even in the most simple of the situations, you make a difference. It will become more and more obvious to you. Many people are lost and confused …and need your light to inspire them to look within and find theirs.  To read full message: Channeled Message

2018 as a year “2” and a mystical year, we will feel particularly inspired and very connected to our intuition. Messages will become clearer and more specific as we pay more attention to them. Some of us will experience telepathic messages and the ability to interpret light language.  It would be good to journal regularly so that you can look back and truly understand the depth of the guidance received.  As a year of balance, we must go within to reflect and be on a state of receptivity…but at the same time, we must take balanced action. Meaning, taking meaningful purposeful steps to propel you forward.

Every time you feel ‘stuck’ think …’balanced action’. This is your ticket for a smooth and happy year. Do your homework and keep going in the direction of the heart. Whatever you started last year…is flourishing and requires your balanced action. If you did not begin a project but would like to do so…take action and be persistent. As I mentioned, going with the flow of the heart by taking action will bring results. Listen to your guidance and act on it.

Finally, don’t forget to nurture your imagination, visualize your goals and dream big. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

Love and brilliance!


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