February – Time to Replenish

Happy February!

I am a little late this month due to a recent trip to Florida. It was really nice to escape the winter cold here in Michigan and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and specially beach time.

It was interesting to observe that the locals considered the weather to be cold, and definitely not beach weather. For us it was just nice and warm…and enjoyed every bit of it. This is due to perception. In their reality, with so many sunny and warm days in the year…60 F is cold…for us, having a shorter summer and enjoying 60 F weather by May( if we are lucky) meant that we perceived it as warm.  It was still the same temperature.

This is the way Spirit is showing how perception is a filter of reality…it can magnify or minimize the actual experience. This means that we could potentially experience the same reality if perceived through the same filter. This is simply not possible. There is not such as thing as one filter. The reason is our unique make up. We are not ‘One’! We are infinite expressions of the ONE SOURCE. The essence of our Being. This uniqueness is our filter…and we perceive through it. Lifetime after lifetime of growth brought us to this moment. We have grown so much, and continue to expand and grow each moment.

There is no one like you. Being your own self is not always easy. You have gone through a difficult time, but you have passed the test and been reborn. There will be exciting new people you will meet, and some of your old friends will continue this journey of change with you. This is necessary to allow change and more growth to take place.

I have already mentioned to some of you that March will be a very active month energetically, that’s why Spirit shows that it would benefit us greatly to take this time to balance. This is the theme for 2018, and it is specially important this month. February is the second month of the year…aligned with the frequency of this year, which is “2′ . Whatever we achieve this month in regard to our balance, health , perception will be felt for the remaining of the year. It is the foundation for 2018. Your solid base, your roots into the creation of your reality.  This is an interesting month because even though it seems calmer, a lot can be achieved in preparation for the higher frequencies of light entering the planet next Month.  I am shown that these frequencies will be very catalytic in nature. The degree of iBeautiful Mermaid Sitting On A Rockntensity will be directly proportional to the level of openness, expansiveness and balance of  our energy bodies. For some it will feel like a thunderbolt…but it is truly a very expansive energy. It rids of clutter.

We will come back to March in the next update, for now, let’s focus on February and the possibilities it brings.  Fly high with your imagination and visualize a reality for your life that aligns with your highest path.  What is your dream? Many have forgotten their big dream…or no longer allow themselves to dream…not even at night.

Spirit urges us to dream, and dream big. Dream your dream. Realize that when you sleep at night, you astral travel, and receive guidance from Master Teachers, and other benevolent beings. If we intend to remember the teachings, we will. It will serve us to better replenish in every way. It is like a ray of sunshine bringing warmth and comfort …allowing new perspectives and approaches to filter through our own perception of reality, to then mold into a new one…resulting in a cornucopia of gifts from the universe.

That’s right…February sets the stage for the remaining of the year and allow us to tap into infinite abundance by expanding our view of reality, and living that view in the now, moment to moment. Taking small or large steps…whatever guided…balanced and purposefully.

Magical Jade

Spirit is giving us a gift to help us move into a more balanced state and replenishment through the magical Jade. I never imagined that Jade would be so powerful in linking our hearts to our perception and shifting to a non dual reality...where joy and prosperity abounds.(Ethereal Magical Jade launching February 20th, for more details chick here)

Take this moment to take this gift and savor  it…sing the melody of your Soul as you soak into its magical beauty…welcome this time…live moment to moment…replenish and be well.

And so It is!

Much love and blessings,

Lourdes Maria




© 2018 Blue Alchemy LLC

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