I Channeled this message on January 10th, when I was getting ready to release the “Magenta Chamber of Light”  system. I wanted to share it with you as I feel that today we need a little infusion of energy. ❤

“We are now in the birth canal of a new reality Dear ones …change can be unsettling and exhausting. Why are you afraid to uncover the truth that you already know? This truth is old knowledge although it seems new because part of the collective is beginning the initial stage of paralysis. Don’t worry, we are not talking about physical paralysis although it works similarly. This is a type of paralysis that puts you in a stage of dreamlike state. Not fully present and completely at the mercy of outer forces. This happens when giving away our power. To avoid this paralysis, you must open your senses and be alert. Do not be afraid to feel or be sensitive as your senses indicate that you are in the NOW. Check with yourself regularly. Magenta is meant to provide a healing chamber to retreat and get rid of imbalances and any densities that you are experiencing. You see…you are a beacon of light and so many Souls are now screaming for help. This paralysis won’t last as you shine your light. In simple words…it breaks the ‘spell’. That’s why you must be of service even in the most ordinary of the situations. You will feel the pull in every direction, your energy draining if not practicing extreme Self Care. This is no longer an option, a nice to have, a recommendation…this is a MUST do…if you want to be healthy and able to anchor the light. You must be well balanced and rooted. The first step is your Self-care. There are so many ways to practice Self Care and all are valid. We are providing you with Magenta Chamber of Light as a Multi-faceted tool. Our role is to help you keep your bodies balanced and your life force intact. We are gifting you the Chamber of Light as a retreat chamber for your Self Care as much as a place where you can safely perform clearings and healings for others.

Balanced Action is the theme for 2018. May the Chamber provide a safe space where you can replenish, recharge, integrate and re-calibrate.

May your Light always shine in every reality and space of this Universe”.
~ Masters of Light.

This Image below has been infused with Magenta Energy. You can receive these energies via intention method.

Christmas BackgroundLook at the image for as long as you wish. You can then keep your eyes open, or close them at this point if you prefer.

Take three big breaths…focus on your heart center. Imagine that you are entering the most beautiful Magenta Chamber.  Once you enter, you feel incredibly uplifting and replenishing energy.

Sit comfortably and say:” I am now receiving the Magenta Energy gift from the Masters of Light in the form of a replenishing session to balance and re-calibrate my energy centers. Thank you”

At that point, the healing energies will begin to run and settle in your energy field.  Be open to receive it and enjoy it. ❤

Love and Gratitude,

Lourdes M. Garcia



Blue alchemy LLC do not diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, replace or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Blue Alchemy is not a substitute for conventional sound medical treatment, medications or psychiatric care. The services provided are non-invasive and safe. If you have any concerns or medical issues you should address them with a qualified physician. Blue Alchemy does not accept any responsibility if you choose to ignore any medical advice.


2018 © Copyright  Blue Alchemy LLC 




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