Time to gain Clarity

We are half way through February and many are starting to feel restless…as if something big is about to happen.

I perceive that our quiet, reflective time is not over just yet…even though we are beginning to feel the energies that will be in full bloom by the Spring Equinox next month.
Take the remaining couple of weeks to go within and plan the steps to move forward fearlessly. Take some nice, solid steps as you become more clear about your intentions.
This is the time to solidify your goals and clear any doubts and fears.
There will be challenges, mostly about dealing with problems that pop out of nowhere as if testing out true commitment. Always rise above those problems, to the place of stillness where you find your answers.
View those issues from a higher perspective and be your Higher Self…feel the expansiveness of your own light.
You will see that in fact, those problems are tiny, and that you have all the strength and courage to find a solution to aligns with your truth and the highest good of all involved.
Love and Gratitude,

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