March – Building Momentum with the Cosmic Flow.

Welcome March!

We initiate the month with a full moon in Virgo today 3/1/18, which guide us to focus our attention in the specific areas of our lives that need work. This is due to releasing  and setting an intention to manifest new things.

It can be very uncomfortable and painful. Many are reporting feeling very emotional at the moment. Are you connecting with old trauma? or accessing information that it is both positive and upsetting at the same time? Focus on the healing that this awareness brings as it is allowing you to release heavy emotional weight. Can you feel it?

We have been talking about March and how important is to get on track regarding gaining clarity for your life. This is because we need a ‘vision’, a path forward and a PLAN.
At this point, some of you may be getting tired of hearing this but seriously, I can not stress enough how important is to get a game plan before Spring Equinox 3/21/18. It then becomes “time to execute your plans” in a BIG WAY.  Why? because the frequencies entering in a few weeks will either propel you forward or to the contrary bring disturbances.

We cannot avoid the fact that we are experiencing the polarities of a year ‘2’, but it goes beyond that. It has to do with your own energy and how you match these frequencies.

ocean-918999_1920Visually, the best way to give you a description is to imagine surfers waiting for the perfect wave…they already have a plan in mind, visualized it …know what to expect …and specially how to execute the plan…then the big wave appears…They know this is their moment…as it gets bigger and bigger, they see the huge opportunity and are able to recreate their plan in that moment, as they surf the wave and feel its power propelling them forward. Those that hesitate, lose momentum and fail to ride it…however, they can still squeeze through the water tunnel created by the wave and still connect with its power positively… but those with no plan…that do nothing…have no positive experience of it as they are washed to shore. Now…this wave would be perceived as a very bad thing, right? What is the difference between all three experiences with the same wave? it is the clarity of vision and having a plan prior to it, to then execute without hesitation.That’s it!

Now, going back to March…can you see why doing a bit of work now can make a HUGE difference later?

Embrace this New Beginning as Spring welcome us and offer  a rainbow of colors and opportunities. Some will feel the need to move home, job, or geographical location…and it is part of matching the frequencies and realizing when we are stagnant. This is the gift of going with the Cosmic Flow and allow a deep transformation to occur.

Spirit is showing that we must practice grounding on a daily basis because initially, March energies are going to make us feel a little spacey and imbalanced. It can last for a few days depending of how quickly we integrate these frequencies. For that reason, grounding, walking in nature and drinking plenty of water should be part of our routine.  Additionally, I am shown Laughter is the single most powerful method to raise our vibration and make us feel happy and peaceful. It is extremely healing and allow us to focus.

Enjoy the Abundant and Transformacional power that March brings…be hones, be clear and above all be Bold.

To kick start March by gaining Clarity, join our 3/3 event for this month’s “Crystal Grid Activation series” which will focus on connecting to our Soul Wisdom through the Activation of the Christ Consciousness. More info here.

Our Group Healing will take place the second Wednesday of the month, instead of every other Wednesday.  For more information and to sign up for the next one 03/07/18 follow link.

Much love and gratitude


Images  by Barbara A Lane Pixabay – Copyright Free – 2018 

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