April Forecast ~ Clearing Blockages & Making our Vision a Reality with the Cosmic Flow

Happy Spring!

April’s energies feel completely different in many ways, but mostly in the way we are propelled forward in dealing with blockages. Doing nothing is no longer an option since the Universe is providing the perfect opportunity to make our Vision a Reality with this Cosmic Flow of manifestation.

blue-moon.jpgAs we prepare to welcome April, we are gifted another cosmic event and that is a Blue Moon.  According to Astrologyking.com, today’s Blue Moon combined with Mercury retrograde will bubble up feelings and emotions with the purpose of clearing them, not letting the moon energies get you down. Full report here.

The full moon on Saturday March 31, 2018 at 10° Libra is a blue moon because it is the second full moon of the calendar month. The Blue Moon March 2018 astrology chart has eight challenging red aspects and one helpful blue aspect. Full Moon March 2018 is a blue moon in every sense of the word.

Mercury retrograde opposite the Blue Moon March 2018 means it will be hard to understand your feelings and even harder to share them. Saturn square the full moon and Mercury brings negative thinking, sadness and loneliness. Worry and fear from fixed stars make this a particularly troubling full moon. Doing nothing and letting the full moon get you down is not an option.

The good thing about challenging aspects is that they force you work hard and improve yourself. The one positive aspect in the full moon chart is helping you positively transform your life in powerful ways. This is a full moon to work with your fears and release them from your subconscious.

Acknowledge your Feelings and Emotions and work on Clearing Blocks.

This is the theme for most of April due to the Blue Moon and Mercury Retrograde energies but mostly because of the tremendous energy shift that we experienced on March 21st. It is absolutely vital to allow this clearing to take place in order to tap into the stream of manifestation readily available. Do you remember the big wave of energy that I mentioned in my March update? It was actually a lot more powerful than anticipated. How did it feel to you?

I personally had a bit of a hard time staying focused. The solar flares were a big part of it. So many of us experienced weird symptoms such as dizziness, feeling out of body, spacey lightheaded, weak, anxious, experiencing sleep disturbances, emotionally drained…and other symptoms. Fortunately, after March 21st we felt the shift and the calm “after” the solar storms :-). I cannot claim that surfing the energetic wave was effortless. To the contrary, It was a true test of endurance and commitment.  I felt that it was too strong, tall and fast for me …but now that we can tune into the force and magnificence that this new wave of energy brings, I trust its power of magic and manifestation. But before we can experience its true power, let’s check within and clear our blockages. Are we fearful? What is emerging from the depths of your being?

Do not ignore these feelings. Since we have transitioned from one cycle to the next it is normal to feel a little lost and out of place. We know what we want to achieve, but we don’t seem to move forward. Again, this is because we need to clear blocks and it is ok to take time to work on that.

We have chosen to create change courageously by challenging our limited self-beliefs, questioning our attachments to ‘truths’ or releasing our attachment to the way our lives ‘should’manifest. The moment we chose to surf the big cosmic wave we agreed to undergo what we could call an initiation. All initiations are in some way difficult because they ask us to step out of the comfort zone and into the new, the unfamiliar and the unexpected in order to expand the self.  You must now shift the focus from what you fear to what you wish to become and face what it is that is frightening you and blocking you from moving forward.It might feel uncomfortable for a little while but results will make it worth it.

Making your vision a reality

Did you know that April is about making your vision a reality? The natural rhythm of the new cycle is to allow natural course of events to unfold. We mentioned that this new magical energy would propel us forward towards the manifestation of our vision. Remember that without vision, there is not creation.  Last month Spirit showed the importance of clarity and vision to direct the magical energy towards the manifestation of that vision in our reality. This is the perfect timing!  As we moved out of winter into the beginning of Spring, we begin a new cycle…and we are more connected than ever to the vastness of the Cosmos and the power of co-creation with the divine.

white flash in cosmos sky backgrounds

All of life is creative. Pay attention to creative projects because they will be successful. Once you are clear on your goals …the Universe propels you forward faster than ever in manifesting what you focus on. That’s why worrying and focusing on your fears will block you…because that is what you will manifest.  However, do not ignore your feelings. Acknowledge them and work on releasing.

Our 4/4 Crystal Grid Activation will focus on balancing our four bodies to clear blockages and open the channels of manifestation to make our vision a reality. To learn more and to sign up visit the events page.

April’s energy is expansive and aligned with the Principle of infinity. Every intention we set is contagious and has an effect on others. Open to the well of creativity and be mindful of your thoughts and actions as both are influencing your outer world. Keep taking action towards your goals as the Universe responds perfectly to manifest your highest destiny.  We are now in the Cosmic Flow and Magic and Manifestation.Spirit celebrates what you have become!

Let the magic begin!

Love and Gratitude!



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