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When: Every other Wednesday

Next Healing Event:  Wednesday February 21st, 2018 @ 2:00 pm EST

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Magical Jade

I am very excited to bring forth the Ethereal Jade Energy as a very simple, but powerful system for our personal development, healing and growth. It is also an additional tool for our energy healing work.

Jade is considered the Lucky stone because of its magical properties as it sparks manifestation. It is a stone of non duality and as such …allow us to experience the gap…or the stillness of that space where we can simply be, create and be free.
It is soothing and enriching. A truly supportive energy brought to us by the Keepers, which is a group of Beings that introduced themselves as the keepers of a specific energy stream that I have been channeling for the past two years, and that will be available in divine timing.

Ethereal Magical Jade is what they consider ‘foundation’ and a subtle yet powerful energy to work with. It is known from ancient times to carry a specific vibration linking to the heart but it goes beyond, since the heart is the doorway to truly transcend duality.

The manual will focus on the distinct Jade crystalline energies and how these energies can be transformative individually and collectively.

It is recommended that you have some experience working with energy, ideally attuned to level I Reiki or equivalent as a minimun requirement.

The special launch cost is $22. Thereafter, it will be set at $29.

To join this event simply purchase a ticket. You will receive a manual in PDF plus instructions to receive the attunement. As a special bonus for this launch…you will be part of the ceremony event including additional healing. messages, individual feedback to each participant and a certificate of completion that will allow you to teach and pass this system onto others.
Click this link to join!

Look forward to sharing these energies with you!

Love and Gratitude,

Lourdes. ♥

*Past Events


When: Thursday, January 11th, 2017​ 

Time: 11 am EST/ 4 pm GMT

BlueAlchemy (5)by Bluealchemy Channeled by Lourdes Garcia 

Cost: $19.00

Pre-requisites: None

Event Description:
Magenta Chamber of Light was channeled between October and December 2017 and will be released January 11th, 2018. The purpose of this energy attunement is Balance and Energetic Re-calibration
Magenta is a color vibration that contains equal parts of red and purple.
Red color empowers and energizes . It transmits determination and passion. It is a grounding color. Red energy helps to ensure that humanity fully and energetically connects with and expresses in the physical realm. ​
Purple develops mental clarity bringing positivity and success. It is a color that brings ideas into action
Connects with the deepest inner knowing.It inspires truth, clarity and faith. Magenta can awaken the enthusiasm for life and inspire you to connect to higher realms of spirituality. It can also assist you with your journey of self discovery.
Magenta symbolizes balance, the union of masculine and feminine energies( we are not referring to gender) action and receptivity. Symbolizes the physical Self and the Earth, the union with the Spiritual Self which is the connection with our Higher Self and our Higher Intelligence. The marriage between the Spirit world and physical world. 

To Join this event: 
Purchase ticket below and you will be part of the launching event in which you will be accessing Magenta Chamber of Light.

​Manual and instructions to receive the attunement will be provided via email.  There will be a group feedback for all participants plus individual feedback and certificate . Please note that your attunement can be called in at a later time if you are unable to join event live.

To join:

I look forward to connection with you!

​Much love and gratitude!



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