Friday  04/20/2018

Happy Friday!

It is time for another Interactive Reading!!! Are you ready?
Today we are working with the beautiful light and energy that Mother Earth brings us.
Choose your landscape below to unlock your message to provide light, love and purpose in the upcoming week …Comment below so that you will receive notification once your message is ready this afternoon.

Have a wonderful day! 



Interactive Reading April 20th




1-The first thing that I was shown is the need for you to be aware of your thoughts as these are negatively impacting how you experience your reality.  The color shown is brown. It is vital that you recognize that clearing negative thoughts and beliefs will allow you to plant new positive seeds that will eventually bring you the happiness that you so deserve.

You are working very hard, but your efforts are not translating into the desired outcome because you are playing a ‘program’ that is deeply rooted in your unconscious. This week, take time to uncover it and slowly change it to support your desires. As I type this, I feel guided to suggest that you read Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” or simply watch some of his online lectures if drawn. Another suggestion is to work with affirmations. Spirit shows that this is a fertile time in your life…  balance and healing are possible if the right focus and energy is applied. Mother Earth supports you …sit outside and let her loving vibration support you as you let go of self -sabotage…the time is now!


2–  This week is about asking for help, and releasing the burden that you have carried for so long. Spirit acknowledges your discipline and hard work, but it is time to recognize that this is one of those times in life that require opening to receive help.  You can in fact achieve your goals faster if you do so…the energy color surrounding you this week is aquamarine and it represents flexibility of approach, and going with the flow. It is also connected to bodies of water and the emotions.  Do not be afraid to dive into the emotional waters within, as perhaps that is where you need to go in order to release stored emotions. I am also sensing that drinking plenty of water will allow you to release toxins out of your body, or swimming in the ocean will clear your energy and revitalize you.  For some of us still experiencing cold weather, a nice salt bath might be the way to go. Do not be afraid to communicate with your Spirit helpers and take away that which weights you down.  Understanding brings freedom!


3–  The first thing that I am shown is balance and integration. I get the sense that you have focused on many areas and topics to gather as much information as possible, and now is the time to put it all together.  The energy color that surrounds you this week is orange, which is connected to your creativity. As I type this, I sense that the week ahead will prove to be very harmonious in the way you interact with others. Special attention is placed on your relationships as it will feel that there is a balanced exchange of energy and that you can work with others harmoniously. The fact that integration is key to allow this creative interaction marks a new beginning in your life. This is the new normal for you.

I am shown the death of the old and the birth of the new. The old energy was competitive and polarized…but now it feels the opposite.  This is a new beginning…can you feel it?

Love and Blessings,




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